Professional Property Photography, Sunshine Coast

I came up with this unique name and when people and clients think Zoogarti, they think Stuart Garnett. I want to ensure that my name and the name of my business is at the forefront of property photography.

Zoogarti is my photography business. However, the name relates to my personal philosophy of integrity, dedication and hard work and how I apply that to my photography.

Property/Real Estate Photography Services

Day Photo Shoot

Zoogarti day shoots are perfect for displaying your property in the broad daylight setting a mood of day to day living.
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Dusk Photo Shoot

Zoogarti dusk shoots will showcase your property with a touch of elegance and style in the evening light of a golden sunset.
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Elevated Property Photos

Elevated photography is the best way for buyers to observe land size, property features, waterfront properties and distance to beaches, rivers and hinterland views.
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Virtual Furniture Shoot

Virtual Furniture is a fast turn around and affordable way to style your property.
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